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Baha Mar negotiations move to China

Four-party talks on the fate of the unfinished Bahamas resort have been ongoing in Beijing this week ahead of a key court hearing that is scheduled to take place in the Bahamas on Friday.

Cool Rulers: Where To Find The Best Jamaican-Style Ice Cream

Whether you're in Mandeville or Maryland, here's where to satisfy your craving for Guinness and Grape Nut.

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Wowski looks to Africa

POLICE constable Ricardo 'Wowski' McCalpin has teamed up Ghanian deejay Mama Beat for his latest single Money.

Released in South Africa earlier this month, Wowski said is making the rounds on several stations on the continent.

"It's a song where we are encouraging persons to be independent and make their own money. However, the aim is for them to make their money through the legitimate channels. It's very catchy and Mama Beat puts in his African flavour. It is already gaining traction in Africa and we expect similar feedback here," the singjay told Jamaica Observer.

Money is produced by Mak South Records South Africa and Dark Room Entertainment Ghana.

According to Wowski, the African contingent reached out to him.

"They heard some of my songs on the Internet and said they liked them. I recorded my part of Money and sent to them," he said.

Wowski, who is assigned to the Community, Safety and Security Branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, conceptualised a crime-fighting plan which incorporates music called Fighting Crime with Rhyme in 2013. He has since visited over 40 schools islandwide spreading his message and offering words of advice. Paul Bogle High in St Thomas, Port Antonio High in Portland, Charlie Smith High in Kingston and Ewarton High in St Catherine, are among his stops.

He said he and his colleagues intend to visit Spot Valley and Maldon high schools in the hot-bed parish of St James.

Among Wowski's releases are Black Pearl, When You Gone and Nation Crying.

-- Simone Morgan

Few takers for Exclusive Fantasy

SUNDAY'S boat ride to Maiden Cay was not for the faint of heart as the small boats danced 'wickedly' on the waves enroute to Exclusive Fantasy, All White Island Escape.

After the docking, however, the fears were quickly forgotten as the party music blasted powerfully from the speaker boxes.

Although there was just a handful of patrons, the party vibes was in full swing as those present rock to the music provided by Coppershot Disco. Complemented with the music was the refreshing drink mixes being served at the Smirnoff Bars.

In an interview with the Jamaica Observer, Jason Green -- a member of the Exclusive Fantasy team -- said that despite the low turnout, he is somewhat pleased with the outcome.

"We have had a few glitches and although the turnout may not be as we expected, we are really happy that the patrons present are enjoying themselves. They are having fun and that's the most important thing," said Green.

Although the majority of patrons appeared to the enjoying the island party, there were a couple of complaints.

"This is a rip off and my mind will be spoken on Instagram later. The organisers need to arrange bigger boats. You can't have provide liquor and not meals. Is like dem wa people drop down. Liquor and hunger no go well together," said a female patron.

Exclusive Fantasy has been in existence since 2008. However, Green stated that the party has not been held consistently each year.

Stamma Tella is holding on

Up-and-coming singjay Stamma Tella is banking on his latest single Hold Me. According to him, the single is getting favourable reviews, especially from the females.

"It is a girls' tune. I have done both raw and clean versions. It is really expressing my liking about the females," he said.

Released earlier this month, Hold Me is produced by Truckback Records.

An accompanying video was shot last week in the Corporate Area.

Stamma Tella (given name Travoy Taylor) is from Green Pond in Montego Bay. The 26-year-old said he keeps his music real.

"I write about things I experience. I don't imagine things, so all of my music will be based off something that happens to me or someone close to me," he said.

"I tend to express my feelings in my songs a lot. Music help me to keep my sanity in 2010 when I lost my brother, Nico Madourie, to violence and if that wasn't enough I lost another of my brother just a month ago also to violence," he continued.

He spoke of the current violence sweeping the second city. More than 120 persons have lost their lives in that parish since the start of the year. He hopes residents will find amicable ways of solving disputes.

"Currently, Montego Bay is a hell zone. One doesn't need a rooster or alarm clock to wake them anymore because gunshots put you to bed and wake you up back. We can have a better St James, there are other ways to deal with conflicts instead of taking a life," he said.

A past student of Irwin High in St James, Stamma Tella released his debut single No Care in 2004.

"This one got its share of airplay and that inspired me to write and record more," he said.

He later went on to record other singles such as Start Affliction, Position, Money on My Mind and Cry me a Cry.

-- Simone Morgan

Stamma Tella is holding on



Hills Passa Passa DJ Mark Birthday Bash Part 4 inside Alexandra Market House, Alexandra ST Ann June 2015 featuring DJ Mark Movements, Stone Love, Bredda Hype and DJ Pele.

Eleigh teams with Remyboy Monty

SINGER Eleigh is hoping that his collaboration Dem a Pretend which features American rapper Remyboy Monty, will give him the attention that he aims for.

The song produced by St Catherine-based Tru Legends Music, is featured on the label's latest project, the Party Central riddim.

He explained how the collaboration came about.

"My manager Dre and Remy Boy Monty have been friends for over 10 years, so naturally when we were in the studio recording he would invite Monty to come with us. Monty and I clicked right away. The collaboration for the song actually came after. While I was away in Jamaica for my birthday in June I got a message from Dre asking me to check my email. To my surprise Monty had recorded his verse to the previously recorded track. So it was a really good birthday gift for me," said Eleigh.

With over 42,000 plays on Soundcloud, Eleigh believes this is a positive look for the song.

"The song has gotten a lot of positive feedback actually as well as spins in Italy. I am receiving constant emails from DJ's in the United States requesting for the song so they can play it in the clubs," he said.

He said the idea behind the song came from personal experiences as well as persons whom he is close to.

"Well I just applied my past experiences with friends, family and females to the song. As well as stories I have heard from others around me. It's a song that everyone can relate to because we all have people around us who secretly envy us whether it's for the girl we have, the clothes we wear, the car you drive, etc. There's a line in the song for everyone and Monty stuck with the same thought process in his verses. I know he used to play basketball in high school and received a lot of negativity from it. There's also people out there right now who envy him for all the success he's receiving with his music career. Often times I think people envy one another for the wrong reasons, not knowing truly how hard people work for their acquired success."

Eleigh, whose cultural background consists of mainly reggae and dancehall music, was born in Virginia, USA to parents who are from Jamaica. He lists Half Pint, Sizzla, Beres Hammond, Michael Jackson and rhythm and blues singer Ne-Yo among his musical influences.

Eleigh's real name is Levon Anthony Williams. Now 25 years of age, he has been doing music professionally for the past three years.

"Three years ago, I decided to take my music to another level. In 2012, my family and friends around me told me I should take it serious and not waste my talent since I had been singing all of my life thanks to my father who was an artiste himself," he said.

He has worked with producers including Tarik 'Rvssian' Johnston, Jay Crazie and Mario Dunwell among others.

Eleigh has a collaboration coming out which will feature Sizzla, Deablo from JOP, and Remyboy Monty. The song is produced by True Legends Music. Another single titled Get away, has been released. A video for the song was recently shot on location in Jamaica.

Remyboy Monty is a member of the group Remyboyz. He is known for the chart topping single 679 featuring platinum selling rapper Fetty Wap and P-Dice, as well as the current hit My Way featuring Fetty Wap, is number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track opens at No. 2 on Digital Songs and No 1 on both R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs and Rap Digital Songs with 152,000.

None Badda Dan Supreme Blazers

THE three-man dance crew of Supreme Blazers came geared for battle last Saturday at the BOOM Energy Drink Badda Dan Grand Final at the National Stadium Basketball Court in St Andrew.

They walked away with the prize of US$10,000 and bragging rights.

"It feels good to win. We give God thanks," they told the Jamaica Observer.

The trio had no expectations of victory when the entered under the encouragement of a friend and fellow dancer. However, in the end, it was their showmanship and moves that won over the judges. Dressed in military themed clothing, they went whole hog into their soldier characters aggressively taunting opponents from start to end. Yet they provided routines of consistent quality that had the crowd going.

Their victory was far from easy. The first two rounds weeded out the wannabes leaving the cream of the crop resulting in a third round that had them go head-to-head against second placed finishers the duo Team Caution, and the all-female trio of Outshine. The competition was so intense that for the first time ever the contest awarded second and third place prizes. Team Caution went home with JA$150k while Outshine, who not only out-danced several of the female entrants but many of their male counterparts as well, took home JA$100k and some new found respect.

"Team Caution danced as if it was six of them out there," said choreographer Orville Hall, Badda Dan judge.

For Outshine, they kept themselves going in the competition by adopting many aggressive male dance moves much to the delight of the audience. Hailing from the environs of St Catherine, with only two years under their belt as a dance crew the future bodes well for them.

The event itself was as loud and boisterous as expected with an old school breakdancing battle erupting during one of the intermissions between the rounds. There was even more dancing at the end of the night as things rushed straight into the after partying kicking-off with the energy god Elephant Man. His set kept the spirit of the dancing and did Chi-Ching-Ching, who followed.

Gregory Isaacs’s mom passes

ENID Murray, mother of singer Gregory Isaacs, died on July 24 at the University Hospital of the West Indies. She was 85.

Isaacs’s widow, June Isaacs, told the Jamaica Observer that Ms Murray suffered a stroke early last week and was admitted to hospital.

Isaacs was unable to give the cause of death, but said her mother-in-law was diabetic.

Murray was born in Kingston and earned a living as a hairdresser. Gregory Isaacs, the older of her two sons, is one of the chief exponents of lovers’ rock reggae.

Known for hits such as Soon Forward and Night Nurse, he died in October 2015. Murray's younger son, Sylvester, died in November. Enid Murray is survived by 22 grandchildren as well as several great-grandchildren.

— HC

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