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Mixtape Mondays: Black Chiney, Walshy Fire, Andre Airplane

MM 40

Words by Deejay Theory

MM 40

Strictly energy this week at #MixtapeMondays to get you nice and fired for the road, even if it’s just the road to the office. Soca, moombahton and an extra large portion of excluisve remixes set the trend from Miami to NYC and back.

Black Chiney, Uh Gosh!!!: The badmen from Miami are back with an insane 2014 soca mix that takes everything to that next level, no surprise when dealing with Black Chiney. With Willy Chin and Supa Dups at the boards, this is an exclusive ting from start to finish, shelling off 98% original remixes, blends, specials and versions of some of the biggest tunes in soca, colliding with a barrage of samples and vibes, megamix style. Nothing normal about it. Stream and download below, tracklist here

Walshy Fire, Socal 5: While on the topic of Black Chiney you can’t leave out crew member and longtime LargeUp affiliate Walshy Fire who’s been as active as ever. Whether it’s hammering festivals around with globe with his Major Lazer squad, documenting new movements in Jamaica with Noisey, or juggling a handsome new set of twins, the guy’s got his hands full. Never stops him from coming thru with new mixes, this round rewinding some big soca tunes from Notting Hill Carnival while gearing up for Miami Carnival next month. Stream below

Andre Airplane, Moomraker: Somewhat of a sleeper shot from the Jamaican-born, NYC-based DJ/producer Andre Airplane. This mix randomly found its way in my inbox via that random guy Diplo, and the mix goneeee inna dancehall-meets-moombahton style, mixing exclusively original remixes produced by Andre himself. I can think of a few selectors that would be hungry to obtain some of these unreleased joints… Some clever skits, flips and samples in there if you dig deep. Stream below, download here, tracklist here

Mixtape Mondays: The Large, Crown Prince, Yaga Sounds

MM 45

Words by Deejay Theory

MM 45

#MixtapeMondays is back as always giving you that good good to jump start your week. Roots, dancehall Afro and more set the tone so do the right thing and press play below

The Large, 2 On Mix: Our girl The Large just sent this one through, spotlighting some of the big tunes she’s been rinsing as the summer comes to a close on the East Coast. Posted in London but most recently touching the streets of NYC this past year, she’s had plenty on her plate calling shots with our Mixpak fam and furthermore taking a moment to slew some mixtape heat for the folks. Some new and exclusive vibes on deck for the late summer settingz. Stream and download below, tracklist here

Crown Prince, Socafro: DJ Crown Prince, one of Dubai’s leading Caribbean selectors bridges the gap between soca and the explosive rise of African sounds that have been infiltrating dances worldwide with his Socafro mix. There’s no denying the heavy crossover that’s been happening between these two worlds, and  Crown Prince puts it all together like a champ. Catch the vibes below

Yaga Sounds, Yaga Sounds Sampler: Some hot off the press vibrations from Yaga Sounds, a reggae and dancehall production outfit courtesy of the one Echo Slim. Some original and exclusive music to wrap up this week straight from NYC to the world. This is just a quick taste of what’s in store from this camp so stay tuned for more. Stream below

Mixtape Mondays: So Shifty, A7 Remix, Blessed Coast

MM 41

Words by Deejay Theory

MM 41

Dancehall, soca and every combination of remixes take center stage this week at #MixtapeMondays with big new mixes to coast you through the week ahead. Catch some newness below

So Shifty, White Tees and Mi Jordans: Lighters up for the newest offering in dancehall settings from the big homies in Hamburg, Germany at the So Shifty headquarters. Til and Blender steadily deliver every genre under the blazing sun, ranging from Afropop, Soca, Dub, collaborations with Major Lazer to name a few, and the fellas don’t take any shorts on their latest dancehall mix. Straight shellings from start to finish. Stream and download below

A7 Remix, Need Ah Remix: Salute to Finland’s A7 Remix aka Antza for cooking up this sick mixtape of original and exclusive remixes produced and mixed by the man himself. Boogie-meets-soca for the first segment of the mix followed by various hip hop and EDM directions mashed with big soca vocals from the likes of Shurwayne Winchester, Kerwin Dubois, Machel Montano, Destra and more. Definitely a unique and original ting in the mixtape department. Stream and download below, tracklist here

Blessed Coast, Sound The Alarm (Wellness Formula Vol.4): Big new mix from the Northwest’s champion sound Blessed Coast who always come full hundred when it comes to the party rocking, dubs and selection. Weaving in and out of reggae, dancehall, trap and bass is what this team is known for, and deliver all the goods for the ting call Sound The Alarm. Some original Blessed Coast remixes and exclusives in there seal up the party. Stream and download below, tracklist here


Mixtape Mondays: Walshy Fire x Fully Focus, DJ Gravy x QQ & Machel Montano, Kalibandulu

MM 34

Words by Deejay Theory

MM 34

As Carnival season charges on, it’s Labor Day Weekend here in the states which in NYC can only mean one very important thing  West Indian American Day Parade. Take on the road wherever you may be with some accurate new mixes below.

Walshy Fire x Fully Focus, Africa Is The Future: If you’ve been following dancehall rather closely this past couple years you’ve no doubt noticed an influx in African rhythms percolating the dance and mixtape playlists across the globe. Our good friend Walshy Fire has taken it upon himself in conjunction with Atlanta’s Fully Focus to share the sounds of Afrobeat, Kuduro, Azonto and more sub-genres with the world in this all-inclusive Africa is The Future mix. We recommend tuning in with this vibe asap. Stream and download below, tracklist here

DJ Gravy x Machel Montano, Live on the LargeUp Sessions: Things and time have been popping off as always at The LargeUp Sessions broadcasting live from NYC at the towers. Most recently our guy DJ Gravy was graced with two heavyweights in the dancehall and soca lanes for another intimate meet & greet and live performance. Let’s get right into it with the first show from none other than soca king Machel Montano. Read more from that show here, stream in full below

DJ Gravy x QQ, Live on the LargeUp Sessions: Next up is the young star from JA that’s been shaking every dance worldwide in a big way this past year with signature tunes like „Stookie“ and „One Drop“, QQ. If you’ve been rating the artist as of late do yourself a favor and check this live and uncut recording, this time with our dupes Jam Central at the controls. Tune into The LargeUp Sessions every Thursday from 6-8pm ET on and if you’re in NYC look out for a surprise guest at Rice & Peas this week ..

Kalibandulu, Brand New Collection Vol.44: Gotta wrap things up with some brand new dancehall juggling from the Kalibandulu squad out in Italy. Their Brand New Collection mix series always delivers the latest and tuffest selections in dancehall so you can update your knowledge on a regular basis. Big new tunes and riddims from all the hitters every round. Stream and download below, tracklist here

Soca in Scandinavia: A Carnival Blossoms In Oslo


Words by Deejay Theory

Caribbean culture and music are widely celebrated in dozens of European outlets, but one unlikely region is making an extra large amount of noise this Carnival season. Earlier this month, 32 years after the first effort to start a Carnival in Oslo, Caribbean culture returned to the streets of Norway’s capital in a big way. Among the guests who traveled to the city for this year’s celebration was none other than the Soca Viking Bunji Garlin, who has remarked that the celebration was a career highlight.

We spoke with Kele Eribe of Caribbean Islands, the eight-person collective behind Oslo Carnival, who are working to and connect the dots between Norway and the islands year round. Check out the interview and some photos below for an inside look into Oslo Carnival, and be sure to grab the first Carnival mixtape exported from the country, inspired by Kes the Band and the common goal of an endless summer.

LargeUp: How long has Carnival been happening in Oslo? Was this the first year? Who started it?

Kele Eribe: Oslo’s first carnival went down in 1983 and was a big event. They also had an own section inspired by Carnival in Trinidad, I think they called themselves Caribbean Culture Club. The public banned carnival in Oslo because of too much littering, fighting and alcohol in the streets. A group of people are now, slowly but steady, trying to establish carnival in Oslo as a annual happening every summer. 2014 is the first year where the West Indian carnival culture is represented. We are a group of eight people who are working on establishing a scene for soca and dancehall lovers. There are quite a few people in Norway who have been to Trinidad for carnival.

LU: About how many people took part? 

KE: About 150 in our section with costume, apart from that the whole of Oslo Carnival consisted of 11 bands. The carnival is kept small and exclusive  with the intention of making it a bigger cultural happening in collaboration with the public.

LU: How long has there been an audience for soca in Norway? 

KE: Since the 80’s there has been a soca audience. Like I mentioned, there used to be a spot called the Caribbean Culture Club who gave soca to the people. There is a audience today as well—it is small but it is growing. The eight of us that are working with Caribbean Islands have all been in Trinidad for carnival. The project leader Ida, is half Norwegian and half from Trinidad & Tobago, and actually the granddaughter of calypsonian The Roaring Lion.









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