Reggae Stars

Las Penas Alegres (Electrochalupa) Petrona Martinez & Palenke Soultribe

petronicaHere comes a banging Album by Petrona Martinez with Remixes by Palenke Soultribe, Uproot Andy, King Coya, Sidesteppers, Pernet and many more. Check this Video as a lil teaser. Unfortunately the Album is only available in some obscure Download Stores like CDBaby and This is an eclectic journey through a unique tapestry of sound: Electronic beats with native Colombian drums, modern synths with ancestral vocals, traditional grooves with modern production techniques, the local culture of Bullerengue with global Electronica!
Sure next Cumbia Round Up we gone here a lil bit more of it, meanwhile check the Video.

Dreadsquad & Blackout JA – Last Tune (feat. Kush Arora & Smerins Anti-Social Club)

dreadsquadThis comes from the forthcoming Dreadsquad album with Blackout JA – ‘World Destruction’. Dreadsquad aka. Marek Bogdanski from Poland is one of the hottest actual Reggae Producers. The track started life in San Francisco as a collaboration with Kush Arora then later Bristolian brass section Smerins Anti-Social Club added the next layer and finally Blackout came with the finishing move.
This is Heavy UK Steppers style – designed for take the remaining crowd in the dance all the way through to when the lights go up. This is raw energy through and through and as Blackout shouts to the people to get even more energy it perfectly illustrates the relationship between the party and the selector.

Godwonder – La Baina Ta Bien

Brand New Video from Munchi’s Selegna Records.

This comes as a part of the new Godwonder release

Munchi’s words about the video:
“This was made at last years ADE where we were crashing the parties and trolling the lyfe over there with a bunch of
Dominicans for no reason at all lol. It was made with a fucked up camera too,but who cares – it was fun!

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